Commitment Issues

At some point, we all have commitment issues. It may be the relationship kind or the I-say I’m-going-to-start-something-but-never-do kind or the forget-it-about-it-five-days-later kind.

From those Instagram Photo Challenge posts, to finishing a painting, and don’t get me started on New Year’s Resolutions that never got done;
I too, have commitment have issues. I think it comes from mixture between a lack of motivation, being too busy, and being a scatterbrain. Pair that with the commiturge for instant gratification (I’m convinced it’s the internet’s fault), it’s no surprise that most projects I start never see a finish. Needless to say, I’ve been talking about starting a blog for months and I just now created it. Due to some involuntary growing up, I see things a lot different. My desire to be a better speaker, creative, and thinker means I have to cultivate those gifts. So, this time around will be different. Pray for me yall because commitment issues are real!
Here are some common commitment issues:

1. Relationship issues: Usually this person is driven, successful, and has a lot going on. This person may be well travelled and knows many people. While they may have many acquaintances, their closest friends have known them for years. They value personal space, but also enjoy spending time with others…just as long as they don’t get too close. In relationships they move fast in the beginning, but as things get serious they back away. Having relationship commitment issues is not as bad as it seems. These people understand autonomy, which is needed for a healthy relationship. If this is you, Your soul mate may be right under your nose, don’t neglect them.

2. Goal Issues: Like clockwork these people set goals every month, but their goals might be the same every month because last month they were never achieved. It’s not that they don’t understand the value of goals, they just have a hard time finishing. These people usually commit to relationships. They have many close friends and long (sometimes many) relationships. While they have a hard time seeing the end of personal goals, they understand that relationships take time and commitment in order to develop. The downfall is, they may spend too much time developing their relationships and not enough on themselves. If you have a friend or partner like this, hold them accountable.

3. Overall Issues: These people have trouble committing to any and everything. They probably have awesome ideas but never start them, and their phone may buzz non-stop with texts because they don’t feel comfortable with being one person. They may be successful, but not because they tried super hard, stuff just seems to work out that way. With the right motivation, they may see success with something they really care about.

4. Loss Issues: These people understand who they are and understand relationships. Losing sight of their goals and their people is not an option. They understand balance, which means they understand their flaws and strengths. To them commitment is not about convenience, it’s a lifestyle. We all may strive to be these people. It takes work and dedication, but it’s not impossible. Lots of prayer and patience can get everyone to this place. Understanding that everything you desire or want may not be for you is vital. Like all new ways of thinking, it’s a process.

Can you identify with any of these?





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