My Top 5: Current Black Female Characters

After last Thursday’s episode, I decided to stop watching Scandal. It wasn’t the adultery, murder, violence,  or corruption that turned me away, it’s the fact that they pimped out Olivia. I can deal with the other stuff because watching a show titled Scandal, we are bound to see crazy things. That whole “we all have to do things we don’t want to” situation drew the line.

The reason I started watching Scandal is the same reason I’ve seen more Tyler Perry movies than I care to admit; it’s for the love. It’s so rare that we see a black, female character on tv that’s a series front-runner. When we do get one, especially a well dressed one, it’s no surprise that we tune in every night. But, long gone are the days of the Khadijahs and Ginas, we get Mary Jane.

Hope is not gone. There are still relatable, black, female characters on tv every week. Check out My Top 5:

Michonne: The Walking Dead


Why she’s dope: At first was afraid they would make Michonne detached  forever,  but lately she has shown other sides. Not only is she a beast with that katana, she also is helping Carl be a kid again. She doesn’t take mess from people or zombies. Her character has developed so much since she appeared and I’m excited to see her grow even more. She will make you laugh, and hold your breath in the same minute. Michonne is definitely someone I would want on my team during the zombie apocalypse.
Best Moment: When she had that crazy nightmare about her brother and lover. We got to know Michonne a whole lot better and understood why she was so private.

Stephanie: Grey’s Anatomy


Why she’s dope: First of all, she’s a surgical intern and gets to save lives  (except that person she almost killed ). We haven’t gotten to know Stephanie that well because she pretty new to Grey’s, but she is slowly becoming my favorite person on the show. What we do know about Stephanie is that she got through med school on a cheerleading scholarship (but she was nicknamed “Grumpy”…o_O) and she is super clumsy (she broke Arizona’s fake leg!) In my opinion, she’s the perfect blend of a shark and compassionate.  She sticks up for herself but isn’t rude about it. I’m sure I’m not the only person that wanted to kill Jackson when he left her for his ex, April. Bonus: She rocks her hair in curls!
Best Moment: When she stood up to Catherine Avery (Jackson’s mom). That couldn’t have been easy because she is scary as hell.

Jasmine: Parenthood


Why she’s dope: On a show like Parenthood, that heavily lacks people of color, Jasmine holds her own. She is a mom, professional dancer (the kind tours with Alvin Ailey), and wife. I love that her character isn’t whitewashed AND doesn’t try too hard to “act black” (I just cringed typing that). She’s kind and very patient, but cuts into Crosby (her husband) when she needs too. I also love that her kids have African names: Aida and Jabbar.
Best Moment: When she teaches her son Jabbar about the n-word and black history. Despite him being like SEVEN (meaning this conversation was long overdue).  The only thing that bothered me was that she had to explain to Crosby why SHE was the one that needed to have the conversation with him. PLUS it seemed like first time Crosby noticed his son is black.  That’s not an easy talk, and kudos to the Parenthood writers for even addressing it.

Sasha: The Walking Dead


Why she’s dope: Sasha has proven to be a fearless leader. This girl was about to die from the flu, and was still trying to kill zombies and help others. Before the season ended we saw a softer side of Sasha when she went back for Bob. I’m surprised she even went into that building alone, but again she’s fearless. On one hand, I’m ready for a big Sasha moment. On the other, I hope she doesn’t have one because Robert Kirkman just loves to kill folk off when they start being great.
Best Moment: Standing up to the Governor and his people. They wanted her and Tyreese to fight the others, but she said nah. That was a good choice because we all know how that ended.

Bailey: Grey’s Anatomy


Why she’s dope: As one of the original cast members of the show, Bailey has only gotten better with time. She started off in the typical “angry black woman role”, but has since grown into a complex character. Don’t get me wrong, she is fiery but is also kind. Shonda also used her character address mental illness,  something that black people don’t like to admit happens to us. Bailey is by far one of my favorite characters. She is hilarious and adds a level of reality to the show.
Best Moment: When she told Derek to “do his baby’s hair!” and educated him on her “kitchen”.

These are only my five (from the shows I have been watching lately), who are some of your favorites?


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