Tuesday Testimony

Giving up is so easy. It’s easy to say I quit,  and I can’t do it anymore. But when you give up,  you are only providing a temporary fix. That moment of relief that comes when you throw in the towel can feel like your prayers are answered. The reality is, it does not go away. Stress does not go away. Worry does not go away.
More and more I believe that the answer to any problem is faith and prayer. You may go through hell first, but joy always comes. You may have no clue how you will carry on, but God always provides. If you want to give up something, give it up to God. That doesn’t mean you stop trying, that means you have faith that something bigger than you. It means that you have found the best solution for any problem. 
I started my day feeling hopeless, but I gave it up to God and my situation turned around in an hour. Giving up is easy.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Testimony

  1. YES! I love this!

    You are exactly right on ALL fronts. I’ve been in the position where I quit something and felt that instant relief…just to realize that things hadn’t ‘really’ changed. I was just afforded a temporary mood shift.

    Yes, similar to you, I’ve realized the ONLY answer is prayer and faith. Without God our possibilities are limited and capped. Yet, with Him our possibilities become ENDLESS and UNLIMITED!

    I am so glad God turned your day around for the better and now you are paying it forward. That is truly a blessing! Thank you!


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