My Top 5: Summer Favorites

The frigid, cold weather has FINALLY been broken for good in Michigan. I know we have had a few good days, but honestly that doesn’t count at all because we can have perfect weather one day, and negative 5 degrees the next day. But, we have had like 5 consecutive 70+ degree days, so I think it’s safe to say, summer is here!

Usually I’m whatever about summer, but for some reason, this year I’m excited.

Here are my top 5 summer favorites:

1. Sundresses


Sundresses are amazing because they come in different forms, and work for pretty much everyone. Jeans are uncomfortable and hot. I don’t mind the coolness that a breeze provides in a dress. Plus, they look cute with sandals.

2. Rolling Down my Windows and Blasting Music


In college, I never got the chance to do this until I came home for the summer. Partly, because my car didn’t have air conditioning. The other part, is because I was back in Detroit and that’s how you are supposed to ride down 7 mile (did I just out myself?). I try to only do this on the freeway, but this summer I’m planning a few road trips. The wind will be blowing through my curls and my music will be blasting, I can’t wait.

3. Eating outside


In Michigan, eating outside only happens about 4 months a year. I try to take full advantage when I can. It doesn’t really matter what I’m eating, and sometimes I might even order a Summer Shandy, just cuz’. Eating indoors is cool, but there is something about sitting outside at a restaurant that makes me feel fancy.

4. Carnivals, Fairs, and Festivals


If I could I would stop at every carnival I passed. These is nothing more special than eating elephant ears, drinking super sugary lemonade, screaming on the Pirate Ship, and spinning until your stomach hurts. Not matter how old I am, I will always love going to these in the summer. Arts, Beats, and Eats I will see at the end of the summer.

5. Summer Nights


Do I have to even explain? I come alive on summer nights. Especially when I’m eating outside at a carnival in a sun dress, and drive home blasting music with the windows down. And sparklers make it even better.

Happy Summer folks!

What’s your summer favorites?



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