So I Tried the Anthony Dickey Method…Twice

Ever since Huffington Post Style and Beauty Editor Julee Wilson posted about Anthony Dickey , the natural hair world has been buzzing with talks about this method. In a nutshell, it’s all about product! You have to saturate your hair in shampoo, conditioner (for co-washing too), and styling product. All this is done while your hair is soaking wet. No combs are used and you finger comb when you are washing your hair. Take a look at the complete video below.

After watching the video, I was inspired to try this “wash and go” method. Usually I twist out my hair, and if I did a wash and go I wouldn’t cleanse, just co-wash. I would leave some product on my hair, which creates heaviness and length. I’ve seen success story after success story about this new way to do a wash and go, so after I took out my twists I decided to try it on my 4a/4b hair…twice.

The first time I tried it didn’t go so well. I didn’t even take a picture because it looked a mess. If you can use your imagination, it looked something like this:



My shrinkage was out of control, my curl pattern was a almost non existent, and it was overall a dry, frizzled mess.

Luckily, I think I found my problems:

1. I didn’t completely rinse my conditioner. I know some people use all conditioners as a leave in, but that doesn’t always work for my hair. Sometimes, it dries it out terribly!

2. I didn’t use enough product and didn’t distribute evenly. There were some parts of my hair that showed a defined curl pattern and shined. Other parts were not even close. By the way, I washed and conditioned with Sauve Keratin and used Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel with a shea butter homemade mix. Which brings me to my next point, just because you use certain products for a twist out, this does not mean those products will work with a wash and go! Wash and gos work best with a gel based product or a something equally as heavy. Not only do these products keep your length, it eliminates frizz through the drying process.

3. Lastly,  I didn’t finger comb good enough. Like I stated, I had just took out twists, so there is a good chance that I didn’t finger comb thoroughly. Not finger combing left parts of my hair tangled and other parts so tightly coiled that I missed them.

Those are the major reasons I wasn’t successful. I didn’t give up on the Anthondy Dickey Method and tried again. Here are my Day 2 results:

I think it turned out good! I could have distributed my products more evenly (the side you can’t see is not as defined), but I was overall happy with the results. This time I used Bioinfusion Curl Pomade and Eco-Styler Gel. This morning, I spritz it with olive oil and Twisted Sista 30 Second Hair Spray.

Another note, this method is supposed to be done in under 15 minutes in the shower. That was not true for me at all. I was in the shower for-ev-er. I will be trying this again and using some new products. Being natural is never boring! Take a look at my journey here.

I would love to hear how other naturals like the Anthony Dickey method!


3 thoughts on “So I Tried the Anthony Dickey Method…Twice

  1. Question: So I’ve been do the ADM on both my and my daughter’s hair. We thought we had found GOLD; however, now we have separate issues.

    She is a strong 4c (thick when fro’d and thick when twisted). We get the curls wet but they dry differently. Only once did she get curls with length – never again. She struggles with white residue on black hair. I’ve gone through tons of various products and drying methods. I don’t want her to become frustrated as I am teaching her how to manage her hair and that our hair is different. Please advise.

    I am a 4b/4c (thick when fro’d but then when twisted). My wash and go’s were beautiful. Except for the clumping I was getting. But someone told me to just pull them apart after it dried, I think this might cause damage though. 2. My neck started hurting and I started getting dizzy sometimes. Anyway, I was loving it. Until my last 2 or 3. My hair is not curling up the same as before unless I use a gel which makes it hard and crunchy. I have tried to switch up the products and drying methods.

    *drying methods – air dry, soft hood dryer, hard hood dryer, or a few mins of both air and heat dryer


    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I started having similar issues as your daughter and needed to modify my process. The residue is the absolute worse. Now, I do the same method but combine it with the LOC method and shingling. I still put product on soaking wet, but I add oil before gel (or other styling products). Sometimes I add it after if I don’t get my desired softness. It helps with the crunchiness and residue. I also found that when I rinse after the prodcut is in, I get more residue. Some products aren’t meant to be wet again. Pulling apart the curls after drying can cause breakage and frizziness. When I apply product I use the shingling method and that helps keep the hair stretched. Shingling will also help with clumping.

      I hope this helps!


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