You Aren’t Alone, We All Fail

There are not many things in life that are inevitable. Failure is one of those things. We all fail. With failure being so common, one would think that it would give us comfort. Instead of embracing it as something that happens to everyone, we allow it to overcome us. We allow failure to second guess our abilities, future, and value. After more failures than I could count I began to question who I was. Instead of embracing failure, I wallowed in it. I had countless pity parties, and in turn, I missed out on opportunity. I focused so much on the failure, I neglected the inevitable highs that come with lows.Failure Definition

Thank God I stopped thinking that way. I don’t know when it happened, but I started to find  the good in my failures. There are 3 major lessons that I learned:

Failure Begets Fear

When we give into failure and wallow in it, we will without question be afraid to move forward. Fear is paralyzing, but failure does not have to be. Failure does not mean we have to go back or stop, or be afraid to try something new. Fear does does not drive out fear. We need hope. We need to believe that our failures can

Don’t Give In To Failure

A major part of my growth comes from no longer believing and giving into failure. Believing means that we accept something as true. When we give into failure and believe, we become embarrassed. More often than not, we are not productive when we are embarrassed. Instead of failure, I chose to believe in short comings. The feelings associated with failing can be a burden. Short comings remind us that we have the opportunity to do better and achieve more.

There Are Endless Possibilities

This is my favorite. I truly believe that we have the opportunity to do whatever we want. We have so many possibilities. Failures don’t close doors. It allows us the opportunity to build new ones or explore new paths. Failures remind us that life is not linear. There are so many paths to success and failures give us the opportunity to figure out our path.

We will fail or have short comings, that does not mean we can’t grow and learn after. We are capable of overcoming.





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