My Top 5: Reasons I Love Jesse Williams #MCM Edition

Those that know me are reminded on a sometimes daily basis about my love for Grey’s Anatomy. Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson Avery on the show, is one of my favorite things about Greys. After I moving past how gorgeous he is, I began to take note of everything else he has to offer.

Here are my top five reasons I love Jesse Williams aka McPerfect:

1. He has a beautiful wife with natural hair and he adores her.


After my initial disappointed that Jesse Williams is happily married, I couldn’t help but to admire the obvious love Jesse Williams has for his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee.  They have been together for a long time, and just welcomed their daughter into the world last December. Aryn was with Jesse well before he became the Jackson Avery we know and love. Did I mention how I love that Aryn wears her hair naturally curly? You go Aryn!

2. He is socially conscious.

In the past year, Jesse William’s has proved that he is more than just a handsome (very handsome) face. He is aware of his privileges and uses his platform as an actor to comment on racial disparities. He isn’t afraid that having a voice will sabotage his career. In fact, I think his voice has made him more sought out. There are very few entertainers that openly and willingly broadcast their social consciousness and I appreciate Jesse for doing so. With a degree in African American studies from Temple University, I’m sure his awareness is by accident. Check out this longform he posted on Tumblr about Django Unchained. Definitely worth reading!

3. He cares about the future of young men of color.

Before Grey’s, Jesse Williams was a public school teacher in Philly. I’m sure he encountered students that he saw a bright future for. His care for future generations, especially black men has not ceased. Under the production company farWord, Inc., which he owns with Aryn, he executive produced the transmedia project Question Bridge: Black Males. Additionally, he is involved in President Obama’s initiative for black men, My Brother’s Keeper.

4. Based on his Instagram page he is kind of silly.

jw7 jw4 jw1

5. Basically, he is perfect.

jw6 jw5


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