“Beyond the Lights” Made Me Miss Black Love Films

Last weekend I went to see “Beyond the Lights”, and I was surprisingly satisfied. Originally I wanted to see it because I support black films, and I loved GuGu Mbatha-Raw in Belle. Upon learning about how and why the film was made, I became more interested. “Beyond the Lights” displayed all the complexities of love while taking the audience on a journey through the lives of the main characters, Noni and Kaz. In addition to the interesting story, the soundtrack was amazing. My phone was dead (because I never have a charged phone), so I made my friend Shazam at least 5 songs throughout the movie. They  don’t make soundtracks like that anymore, and I was sold by the time the movie ended. When I got home I started to think about all the black love films I grew up watching and still love. Although I love all love stories (I’m a bit of a sap), I especially enjoy when I see characters that look like me fall in love. So, in no particular order, here is a list of my favorite black love films:

1. Love Jones


2. Poetic Justice


3. Disappearing Acts


4. Two Can Play That Game


5. Brown Sugar


6. Jason’s Lyric


7. The Inkwell


8. Jumping the Broom


9. Just Wright


10. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate


11. How Stella Got Her Groove Back


12. The Best Man


13. Baggage Claim (I thought it was good lol)


Did I miss any? What are some of yours?


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