New Year Resolutions I Plan On Keeping for 2015


  1. settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).
  2. decide firmly on a course of action.
    Each year social media is loaded with people’s New Year Resolutions. Along with those resolutions are naysayers that think resolutions are empty because people don’t complete them. Overall, I think people have a wrong view of resolutions. First, a resolution is a settling that you are going to do something. It’s a decision that you make. Resolutions are different from goals. Goals should always be SMART. They are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. A resolution is the decision to complete a goal. We can decide that we want to make a change, but the real test is how we will make that change. There is nothing wrong with making resolutions. Resolutions can be as open or as specific as the person wants. Usually I use the New Year to reflect on past year, but this year I decided to make some resolutions.

    Here are my resolutions for 2015:

    1. Not to take things so personally. 

    We determine our own happiness. A lot of times our anger and hurt come from what other people have said to or about us. Sometimes I put more weight on others’ opinions of me than my own. I plan on working more towards valuing my opinion of me.

    2. Take more risks.

    Fear can be so disabling. Fear can stop you from following your dreams, getting to the level, and keep you from believing in yourself. I didn’t start a lot of things last year because I was afraid they would be unsuccessful. In the next year I plan on stepping outside of the box a lot more.

    3. Live a healthier lifestyle.

    This includes physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. In past years my holistic health has been unbalanced. In the coming year I want to find a comfortable balance for me.

    4. Travel!

    Confession time: I have never been out of the country! That’s a big problem. I need to go across the Atlantic.

    5. Take care of myself.

    I’ve been busy since the 7th grade. Most of the time I do so much for other people that I forget about myself. Every couple of months I find myself completely burned out because I neglected myself. In 2015, I am going to set aside days and times to do things for myself. Even if it’s just a few quiet minutes to talk to God.

    I’m excited for 2015 and everything that is in store. Happy New Year!



5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions I Plan On Keeping for 2015

  1. I love your goals for this year. I love the travel and take care of yourself goals. I pray you have a blessed 2015. I will definitely post language and travel related notes this 2015. ❤


  2. These are great!

    All achievable and beneficial.

    There is no doubt that you will be able to accomplish them.

    2015 is definitely going to be an amazing year!

    I really like the new look of your site too!


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