Happy Black History Month: 5 Black Based Sites I Follow All Year Round

February is Black History Month, and usually a time when Black people become more in tune with our culture and our history. The premise of Black History Month is important, but it’s also important to embrace Black history and culture everyday, not just in February.  Below are five sights that I read on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. I follow these sites because they explore Black culture from a breadth of perspectives. This February (and all year round), I encourage you to check out these sites.

The Grio


The Grio is where I get my news coverage on Black centered issues that are overlooked by mainstream outlets. On the site you will find videos, opinion pieces, politics, entertainment, sports, and much more. Although it is a Black based site, it also features mainstream news as well.

The Root


The Root offers articles on entertainment, world news, videos, and has an amazing history section. Black history in America is explored, as well as Egyptian history, and other countries where Black influence is not easily recognized. If you want to learn more about Black culture and our history this month, I encourage you the browse around the history section. 

Crunk Feminist Collective



Please don’t be afraid of the word feminist (everyone should be a feminist anyway, but I won’t get into that right now). Crunk Feminist Collective was created with the hip hop generation in mind, and I enjoy the intersections between modern culture, Blackness, and social justice issues. Like I said, don’t let the word feminist stop you from checking out this site.

Atlanta Black Star


The mission of Atlanta Black Star is to raise consciousness through narratives and they do a great job. Much like The Root, the spectrum of this site does not focus solely on Black Americans. You will find a wide range of content. My favorite posts on this site are about business and I enjoy the section that focuses on the woman’s perspective.

For Harriet


For Harriet may be my favorite site right now. Maybe it’s because it was created by a young black woman while she was in undergrad at Harvard. Maybe it’s because it embraces feminism and encourages others to do so as well. Maybe it’s because it has a strong focus on storytelling. Maybe it’s the fact that the writers apologetically discuss domestic and sexual violence in the Black community. No matter the reason, I’m happy a site like For Harriet exists. For Harriet is a solid site to learn more about Black women’s history and present life.

What are some of your favorites?

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