1yr Anniversary: The Good, the Not so Good, and the Awesome!

I flirted with the idea of having a blog for about a year before I took the plunge. Many people don’t know that this blog came about as I was in the healing process from a recent break up. I lost a lot of myself after the break up and needed something to ground me. I originally tried to start back journaling, but that became boring. So, I researched and talked to a now good friend about what I needed to do to start (shout out to you Jay Mayo!) Finally, on April 2nd I posted my first blog and began a journey towards rediscovery and healing.


A lot of times people ask me about the name “Afros and Love Songs”. I’m not sure how the name came to me. I actually used one of the web name generators first and came up short. After a bunch of going back and forth, I finally settled on “Afros and Love Songs”. The name fit who I am perfectly. It’s a mix of broad and focused, kinda of like me. It’s also a mix of my two favorite things.

I LOVE MY FROIMG_2761-Recovered

No seriously, I’m kinda of in love with my hair. It took a while for me to feel comfortable, but now, I embrace every inch of my crown. It’s become an extension of my life. Wearing my hair natural is like belonging to this really cool club that you are born into. It’s like hair privilege (except maybe in corporate America…but whatever). To me, afros isn’t just about hair. It represents culture, oppression, freedom, and the very essence of Black people.

Love songs.

IMG_2770 (1)Music just takes me there and through this blog, I have a newfound appreciation for unsung artists. I’ve came across so many talented people and I always wonder why they aren’t major. Love songs is more than just music. Love songs offer portions of a person’s being. It gives the listener a peek into a person’s soul. It’s a story. This blog is my love song and I try my best to be as open as I can. My “Song of Week” is my favorite series of posts. Check them all out and you are guaranteed to have a bomb playlist.

I can’t remember if this a fake or real laugh…
This is definitely a real laugh. Nostrils flared, eyebrows crazy, and my eyes are super squinted lol

Some days I don’t feel like writing so I don’t. Some weeks I feel like writing a lot, so I post a lot that week. It’s no question that I lack consistency when posting, but that’s the freedom of having something that’s your own. I promise to never be void when writing. If I post, I’m offering up a genuine part of me. Some days, posting is the only thing that keeps me grounded. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that makes me sit still for more than a few minutes. Writing on Afros and Love Songs is one of the best parts of my life and I am so proud that I have kept this blog going. My first post was about commitment issues, I think I’ve done a bit of overcoming.

   IMG_2769   So here’s to ONE YEAR!

Thank you to all of my subscribers, thank you to the Womack’s over at Creative Block for this dope video and pictures, thanks to those that Googled “anthony dickey method” and got my blog on the first page, thanks to my sister for checking me on grammatical errors (I still make mistakes :(), thanks to everyone that has ever shared a post or told someone about Afros and Love Songs, and thank you to whoever is reading this right now! I’m excited to bring you more posts (and more often!). Thank you to everyone that has supported me, and will continue to support me by subscribing!


Tonj ❤


3 thoughts on “1yr Anniversary: The Good, the Not so Good, and the Awesome!


    I am so happy for you and I know that this is only the beginning!

    You have a lot to say that the world needs to hear.

    I really enjoyed the video and the photos look amazing!

    I appreciate the shout out too, but it was all you! You did the heavy lifting and made it happen.

    Stay the course and may God continue to bless you!


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