8 Simple Ways to Add Peace to Your Hectic Life

Those that know me well know that I’m busy 95% of the time. My work schedule is pretty demanding, and on top of that I’m involved in a bunch of organizations. Combine those with an attempt at a social life and I have virtually no time to relax. Although my life can be hectic sometimes, I have found ways to help balance myself. If your life is hectic or lacks balance, try these things to add some peace!

1. Change your space

Last year I lived in this apartment that was home to many arguments with my ex. After we broke up, I felt a heaviness around me all the time. It affected my sleep, and most days I didn’t want to come home.  Eventually I moved to a new place and things were going great for a long time. After a while I felt like I was suffocating, so I moved my furniture around. Now, every month I make minor changes to my decor and it gives me more peace. A chair here or a bookshelf there, I’m telling you, it goes a long way. Feng shui is real y’all.

2. Burn some sage

I was first introduced to sage at a fire ceremony and then reintroduced at a sexual assault discussion. The organization sponsoring it uses cultural methods for healing trauma and sage was used to cleanse the space. Since being introduced to sage I burn some in my place every week. It cleanses out negative energy and welcomes in positive energy. If you do a little research, you will notice that smudging is often done with sage. This is a Native practice and my suggestion would be to research smudging before you do that practice. I got my lavender infused sage from a local health food store. I also read somewhere that burning incense after sage adds more balance.

3. Do daily affirmations

The first words we utter out of our mouths in the morning will set the tone for the day. If we wake up and complain about it being Monday, our day will reflect that negative energy. If we send a hurtful message or make a negative comment about someone on Instagram, we are starting our day with that energy. Instead of starting off negative or with no guidance for your day, speak what you want to happen. Declare that your day will be great. Affirm that you can’t control what people say or do, but you can control your reaction. When I know that I will have a particularly crazy day I say “Let’s make today better than yesterday. My day is full, but my spirit is even more full with goodness”.

4. Turn off the radio when driving to/work

I love music. I think music is everything. But, most of the time I don’t play my radio when driving to work. Driving to work is like taking a shower. It’s routine and you don’t have to think to much about it. Usually we take the same way to and from work so we are on autopilot when driving. Instead of having the radio on, use this time to center yourself. Reflect on your day, or think about what you are going to eat for dinner. Sometimes the quiet of a car ride will help your brain recharge. Some of my best ideas come from driving to/from work. The other ideas happen in the shower haha.

5. Use lavender scents

Lavender is an essential oil that has healing effects, much like sage. It can help with your skin, dandruff, and it helps you relax. Breathing in lavender lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Lavender also helps with sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, put a cup of dried lavender on your night stand, burn a lavender candle, or use lavender oil in a burner. Even when I’m not sleeping I like to burn a lavender candle when I get home. Bonus: Lavender can be added to food for an extra dose of healthy!

6. Pray

Simple as that. Spend some time with God. Give thanks. Ask for clarity and peace in your life.

7. Go offline

Sometimes I let my phone die on purpose. It annoys the crap out of my friends and family, but it allows me time to chill out. I try not to let my phone stay dead for more than a couple of hours but sometimes I could leave it off all night. We spend so much time consumed on our devices, we sometimes forget about ourselves. Some of us can’t event watch an entire TV show without being on our phones or laptops. I think that spending too much time on your phone can add more chaos to your life. Try going offline, meaning phone off, laptop closed, and watch some Netflix or listen to music. I guarantee you will make it a weekly routine.

8. Learn when to say no

Honestly, I’m still working on this one. I have the hardest time telling other people no and telling myself no. That means that I often double book or schedule back to back events. In no way is this smart or conducive to a stress-free life, but the truth is, I just like doing stuff. I enjoy being busy and being around people. For a while I burned myself out and took on too much. Now, I still double book myself, but I also say no if I really don’t want to do something. Part of this was letting go of that FOMO.

These are just a few simple things I do to slow down my life and add some peace. What are somethings that you do?


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