11 People Who Rocked Bantu Knots (aka Twisted Mini Buns) Before Marc Jacobs SS15 Show

Yet again, another African hair style has been put on a white person in a fashion show, and all of a sudden it’s a new look. In Marc Jacobs SS15 show, Guido Palau styled models in “twisted mini buns” better known as Bantu knots or Zulu knots, and hair blog Mane Addicts thought it was a new style.


When I first saw this picture on my friend’s timeline, I had to pause for a minute. I was sure that it was a parody. There’s no way a person could think this was a new style, or fashion show inspired. Bantu knots and bantu knot outs are a staple hair style in the natural hair community.  I would even bet that somewhere a sista was checking to see if her knots were dry enough to take down, when this picture came across her timeline. Bantu knots are far from a new, or “Marc Jacobs inspired” hairstyle. In fact, people have been wearing them for years…

1. Jada Pinkett


2. Rihanna


3. Crazy Eyes


4. Scary Spice


5. Somebody’s Uncle


6. Her.

download (1)

7. Her.


8. Her.


9. Her.


10. Kelly Osbourne


11. Gwen Stefani 


(okay, maybe this was a stretch)

But seriously, I Googled bantu knots and these were just a few of the hundreds of images that popped up. With some quick research, anyone could find that this is far from a new style.


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