Going to A Concert Alone Is Worth It

A few months ago I posted about the super Lianne La Havas, and mentioned that she would be coming to Detroit soon. Fast forward to a couple of days ago, the concert date had come and I still didn’t have anyone to go with. As time reached closer to 7 pm, I had to make a choice. Either I would miss the show, or suck it up and go alone. I chose the latter.

The Lianne La Havas show wouldn’t be my first time going alone. Earlier in the year I went to see Mali Music, but within five minutes I saw someone I knew. Granted, I did stand by myself and hung around after alone the show. I’m not sure why I decided to stick around, but I did and was pleasantly surprised that he was doing a meet and greet.

This happened:

Although the Mali Music concert was great, my second time going to a show alone was even better. At first, the night didn’t start out great. At around 7:30 that I decided to head out. My GPS was set, and I ventured downtown and hoped that I could still buy a ticket at will call. I arrived at my location, pulled in the parking structure and searched out the venue. Once I walked about a block, I realized that my GPS had betrayed me and sent me to the wrong St. Andrew’s Hall. I had already paid for parking so I had to beg the attendants to give me my money back. Luckily I can be kind of pleasant and they obliged. I climbed the 5 flights of stairs to get to my car, and saw that it was already 8. There was a good chance that Lianne La Havas had started, but I didn’t care.

When I finally made it to the right venue, the opening act was still on and I was relieved. My next worry came when I had to find a place to stand. I didn’t want to push my way forward because I was late, but I also wanted to be able to see. At first I stood towards the back, then I saw a nice open space next to a woman that seemed to be alone. I stood close enough to her so that it looked like we were together, but far enough so that I wasn’t a creep. At this point my phone was at 30% and I was worried that it wouldn’t stay alive long enough for me to snag a couple of videos and pictures of the show. I was right.

As I was checking my phone, a girl standing in front of me complimented my phone screensaver. After thanking her, we started talking about the concert and our love for Lianne La Havas, and I knew from that moment that the concert would be fun. She had came to the concert alone as well and met some band mates from Cleveland while getting a drink from the bar. We talked for a while before the show started back up and met a brother and sister that were sharing our concert space.

By the time Lianne La Havas came on, my phone was at 20% and I only had enough battery to take a picture and a short video. My inner social butterfly was floating around and I made enough connections to get a video of her performing “Lost and Found”, and exchanged contact info with people so that I could see the videos they recorded. The show was amazing and because my phone was dead, I got to be engulfed in it and enjoy it with the new friends I made.

When the show ended I went to buy a vinyl, and decided I also wanted her autograph. If I had gone with someone, I’m sure that they would have wanted to leave, but since I was alone, I was getting my autograph. I chatted up one of her roadies and learned that she would probably sign autographs when she went to her tour bus. Once I made it outside, I saw that my concert buddies were waiting too, along with a slew of other fans. As time moved on and it got colder and wet, people started to leave, but we stuck around. Outside waiting I met even more of her fans, and even took a picture (it’s floating somewhere on Twitter) with some fellow afrohaired girls..

Some 30-45 minutes later, Lianne La Havas came out and greeted us with her graceful presence. She was so kind and signed every autograph, took every picture, and hugged everyone. The wait was worth it, as was going to the concert alone.

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Tonight was everything! @liannelahavas #detroit

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Me, Lianne, and Kirby (one of the cool people I met)

Don’t ever be afraid to do something because you have to do it alone. You never know the experience you might be missing out on. By going to the concert alone, I was able to meet some new music lovers, meet the artist I came to see, and have an experience that I can write about.


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