Why You Should Support Your Parents’ Dreams

For many of us, our dreams (whether they agree or not), have been supported by our parents. Support can come in many forms. It can come in the form of praise, money, or listening to your feelings of defeat or triumph. If you are like me, you know that this support is, and continues to be the driving force of your success. Many of us work and follow our dreams so that we can make our parents proud. But, sometimes we forget that before we were even conceived, our parents had dreams. There were things that they hoped to accomplish, and it’s possible that we slowed that down when we were born. Their priorities changed, and our future and well being was their focus. The least we could do


is support them when they decide to follow their dreams again.

They aren’t doing it for themselves

For the past few years my career was my main focus. I had goals to reach, and fortunately I have parents that support my endeavors. As I got settled in my career, my father needed assistance with his business. At first he mentioned it a few times, and soon he asked more often. Eventually, he would mention it every time we spoke. Growing up I watched him perfect his craft, so I know how important it is to him, but I neglected to acknowledge that he wanted it to be more than a craft. He want to turn his craft into a living. He wanted to secure the future of his grandchildren. Talking to him, he sounded like many of my millennial friends that decided they didn’t want to work for anyone. He sounded just like I did.

They want you to be proud of them

Despite my father’s asking, I still wasn’t sold on moving my life to Los Angeles. It wasn’t until he explained that he is Black man with a business and it is hard for people to accept that. He broke it down that people did not want to work with him or hire his company for that reason. Although he presented quality work, a lot of people did not want to bother with him. It was after that conversation that I realized I couldn’t encourage people to Buy Black if I wasn’t supporting the most important Black business in my life. Showing him my support is the best way I can show how proud I am.

You will learn where your work ethic comes from

Since relocating to help out my father, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned about my work ethic, what motivates me, and what I need to become successful. Watching him juggle a million things at a time is a reflection of what my life has been for the past 5 years. When he is at the shop late, working before church, and is constantly moving, I completely get it because I am the same way. It’s like looking at mirror. It gives me an opportunity to see how I work, and find areas to improve.

Their drive is just like yours

When I came to LA I had no idea how much I would learn about myself. I don’t remember a time I have been more focused and more determined to provide a better life for myself and children. Taking risks, depending on others, admitting faults, making sacrifices, being a life long others, and trusting the process are all a part of being successful. These are all lessons I have learned since I moved here, and I know that I will not stop learning and growing.

If you notice that your parents’ aren’t as focused on their dreams, don’t ignore it. Assure them that it is not too let to reach their goals. Give them the support and encouragement that they give you.



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