Shea Moisture, 2 Dope Queens, BGR, and Maxwell: This Week Was Lit

April has had a great start and my hope is the rest of the month will follow suit. This week served heavy doses of Black Girl Magic and long awaited music, simply put, it was lit. Here are 5 things that made this week lit:

1. Shea Moisture released a commercial.

The commercial painted of picture of what many Black women deal with daily, especially if you live in the suburbs. It shows a clear example of inclusion. Ethnic should not be a section. Our hair products should be among everything else. Now I have another reason to give them all my monies.

2. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson dropped the first episode of “Two Dope Queens”.

Listen to it HERE.

I’ve been fangirling Jessica Williams for a while so this podcast brought me so much joy. Not only is it hilarious, but it’s conscious and honest. It’s perfect.

3. Black Girls Rock premiered on BET.


These were a few of my favorite moments, but overall it was a great show (minus Hillary Clinton *major side eye to whoever approved that*). By far my favorite was Jazmine Sullivan’s performance. It was beautiful and I appreciate her use of dancers with many shapes and sizes. Black Girls Rock made me so proud to be a Black girl. We are amazing, talented, powerful, and magical. Growing up we didn’t have spaces like this on television. We haven’t been allowed to celebrate ourselves when the world rejects us. I could go on and on about how amazing the show was.

4. Maxwell released a snippet of his new single.

I’m long overdue for some Maxwell and he surprised us with a snippet of his single “Lake By The Ocean”. While it’s only 15 seconds long, it sounds like a jam.

Now if my twist out comes out right, this week will be complete!


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