Do Yourself A Favor, Watch “The Get Down”

Yesterday, Netflix debuted its newest series, “The Get Down”.

Now maybe I’ve been burying myself too much into work, or I’ve been under a rock, but I had no idea “The Get Down” was premiering. Yesterday, while starting my usual Grey’s Anatomy binge (for like the 5th time, don’t judge me), I saw it on the home screen but I ignored it. Then, I started to see folks use the Snapchat filter. Finally, people started to post about it.

So, this morning I decided to turn of Grey’s and find out what “The Get Down” was all about. I could punch myself.

How could I miss something like this? Granted, I’m only one episode in, but I am hella invested in the story. It has action, romance, soul, hip hop, dancing, cocaine, Jesus, and singing. Everything I love to see in movies is in this series.

The first episode is about an hour and a half long, but I was glued to it every second. Without giving spoilers, here’s why I think you should watch:

We see the relationship between Latin@s and Black Folk.

Sometimes when we talk about the birth of hip hop and even the popularity of disco, we forget that our Latin@ cousins were right there with is. For some reason it reminded me of Crooklyn. The effortless flow of Spanish and AAVE is beautiful.

They are dancing their asses off.

Usually I don’t like to cuss on here, but I can’t describe it any other way. No other way does it justice. They are dancing their asses off.

The relationship between rap and poetry is a focal point.

The relationship between poetry and rap is a no brainer. Everyone knows that. But, seeing it come from Zeke (Justice Smith) makes me appreciate it in a new way. Maybe it’s because he looks like he is about to cry all the time and is super passionate. Or maybe because he was a poet first. I dunno.

It has a bunch of jams in it

With a title like “The Get Down”, I wouldn’t expect anything less, but the background music and the music they dance too is great. I’m still in episode 1, so I’m looking forward to more hip hop.

Bae from DOPE is a main character

This is bae from DOPE aka Shameik Moore.



He plays Shaolin or Shao.

There are interesting family dynamics

Anytime there is something underground happening, there is bound to be a pissed off daddy. Luckily for us, the pissed off Daddy is Giancarlo Esposito aka Gus from Breaking Bad. Giancarlo Esposito was great actor before Breaking Bad, and I love seeing him pissed off.

Nas wrote original songs and Grand Master Flash is an executive producer

With Nas and Grand Master Flash involved, you know that the series has some authenticity.

It’s all about finding your purpose and not giving up on your dreams

Everyone can relate to wanting to be successful, or wanting to find your purpose. During the first episode we see several characters refusing to give up. I’ll admit, I cried a couple of times seeing them work so hard.

Now, go borrow someone’s Netflix login info and watch “The Get Down”. You can thank me later.





One thought on “Do Yourself A Favor, Watch “The Get Down”

  1. I definitely have to check this out!! Everyone has been talking about it. My daughter was watching it the other day and I totally vibed with it. Being a 70’s baby and all……☺️


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