Introducing: Gerald aka G Wood – Our New Contributor!

For the past couple of years Afros and Love Songs has only been my voice. I originally started it as a space for me to share my thoughts and feelings, and since it has grown into so much more. Now, it’s time to breathe some new life into this space and I’m excited to bring my fellow redbone homie G Wood into the fold.  He’s all soul and I can’t wait to share his thoughts with y’all. To make sure he was “qualified” I asked him some of my favorite questions:

What made you want to write on Afros and Love Songs?

First off what made me want to write for Afros and love songs was the great Tonjie Reese lol my homegirl you always have such an interesting and pure perception of things that I thought if we were to mix it up it could create Magic!

Top 5 Black Love Movies

Love Jones, Love and Basketball, brown sugar, boomerang, baby boy! (Nobody better not say nothing about baby boy! Classic!)

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

2 pac!! Too much knowledge wrapped inside one man. And epic dinner with a 5 star meal and HENNESSEY!

Mis-education of Lauryn Hill or Baduizm?

Baduizm! This one was hard but Ima have to go with erykah on this one. I think people pick mlh just because now lol. All time classic album! But Ima roll with erykah!

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Embrace not knowing don’t be afraid of it

If Aaliyah were still alive would she be bigger than Beyonce?

No doubt about it! She was first and had all the connections now that Beyoncé had. I think if she was alive Beyoncé would’ve had to do a few more destiny child albums😂 (but Beyoncé the goat now)

Tell your life story in a 5 word sentence.

After the storm comes sunshine

Who inspires you?

My father inspires me the most. A great man who’s made many sacrifices in order to take care of his family. True definition of a man

What words or phrases should we leave in 2016?

Savage has to go!!!! I’m definitely not saying it anymore

Why should folks subscribe to Afros and Love Songs?

People should subscribe to Afros and love songs cause it’s worth it. Two young black kids with minds of gold who have something to say! We’re not the ones trying to put on a front cause that’s what you want to hear. We have a voice and opinion that comes from the soul.


Y’all see why I love him? Welcome G!




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