S/O To Colin

For the land of the free… And the home of the brave…..

Its amazing to me how white America can get so offended when people take a stand. They seem to take it personal and feel the fight is against them when in reality the fight that we speak of is against a system. Maybe the reason they take offense is because they feel guilty, guilty because they know whats happening is wrong but the threat to their world is more important. The fear that their shield of protection and security will be tore down.. Which makes me think… how do they really feel about me..?

S/O to Colin… This weekend Colin Kapernick, A professional football player for the San Francisco 49ers made a bold statement by not standing up for the national anthem, which of course sent the country into mass hysteria. People began to question his patriotism and what really took me over the edge was the thought that his profession was so lucrative and such a gift that he should “shut up and play football”. Also, people began to say that he was disrespecting the veterans of the U.S. Military.

For those individuals who feel disrespected by Colin Kapernick’s stance this weekend… Have you taken the time to ask why he did what he did??? Or did you just take offense and say how dare he disrespect the country that has given him everything…?

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I would like to say that we in uniform put our lives on the line for people to have the freedom to stand up for what they believe is right, mot to do as they’re told. His choice to make that statement is just as right as your choice not to agree with him.

Instead of questioning his patriotism ask yourself, why???? We can’t keep putting band-aids on America’s short comings on its people. And don’t give me that bull about how he disrespected our veterans when my grandfather fought in World War II just to come home and not have equal rights. My mother and father put on the uniform and have to worry about if I’ll be alive if I get pulled over by a cop.

Everyday I put on my uniform I have to deal with the confliction of “what am i fighting for”? I wonder what people see and think about me once I take my uniform off. What Colin did was the most American thing any athlete or celebrity has done for his people since 2 Pac. He didn’t parade around in a T-shirt with a #hashtag on the front or donate money just because he doesn’t want to do any ground work, he forced people to make a decision. He forced people to show and express how they really feel and that’s what a protest is supposed to be! He has done nothing but tell the truth, and although you may not like the method. take some time to understand the context of his stance.

Don’t talk about how he has disrespected the veterans of this country when you’ve done nothing to help  understand  or assist the veterans who risk their lives for you to be able to express you anger. The veterens who come home with PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. The women who are raped and abused. Men and women mentally and physically damaged for you!

Take a hard look in the mirror. For once, step outside of the perfect world that you feel doesn’t need to change and have some compassion for humanity. Look around at the minority communities in America and ask yourself, do they have what they need? Did he/she deserve to die? Then maybe.. just maybe…you can understand why he made his decision to sit down...S/O to COLIN.

Signed… Love Songs aka G Wood



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