I Wish Pac Was Here..

A tribute to Tupac. He left this world 20 years ago, and I wish he was still here.

“I remember Marvin Gaye used to sing to me, he had me feeling like black was the thing to be”

Those were his words, but I remember listing to Tupac. Although I was just a kid, not fully able to understand the knowledge this king was giving us, I could feel the pain in this man’s voice. I just knew he was saying something.

To say he had a way with words would be an understatement. I swear Pac’s words were like scripture; carefully piecing life together over a smooth beat that only his people could understand. Tackling everything from love to politics, you see Pac gave everybody a dose of truth, even himself. Sometimes I think we overlook the honesty and truth he gave us. He told the black mans story in Americas so gracefully.

Now, we’re surrounded by lies, bad influences, and glorified drug addicts. You see, Hip Hop was built to teach. Built to help us through our days of darkness. This, by someone with enough courage to let us know that he was going through the same thing and that we would be alright. We used to find history in Hip Hop, truth and compassion for the trials and tribulations we face on a day to day basis. It was therapy through lyrics which he made “strictly for his Ni****”. Pac was the unapologetic leader for his community.

“Cops give a damn about a negro, pull the trigga kill a ni** he’s a hero”

“Take the evil out the people they’ll be acting right cause both Black and White is smoking crack tonight”

Every word Pac spoke came to life. Unfortunately, even the premature prediction of his untimely death. It’s like he really knew what was coming. I can’t help but think, maybe if we had really listened, we would’ve understood the warnings he was sending us. Or maybe caught the messages he was trying to deliver to us under the character who he thought we would listen to. Man, Pac taught us how to love ourselves, how to love our women back, and when it was okay to be in love. Now, we’re in a world where we love our friends more than a true companion. In a world where we just use each other for money and sex instead of love and friendship, Pac, I wish you were here.

Pac taught me about forgiveness, understanding and standing up for the people. He never glorified the thug life, he simply shed light on the real story of most Black men in America. Shed light on the man who feels he has no way out. Shed light on the concept of doing wrong in order to get out and eventually do right. He never made me wanna sell drugs or murder anyone. He made me wanna save my people, love my woman, and support my homies. So I never got lost in the aggressive ladies man they chose to show us. I focused on the God in Pac, the man he wanted us to see the whole time.

You can’t tell me Pac didn’t believe in God. The song “So Many Tears” was nothing but a plea for forgiveness cause his knew his life was coming to an end. It was four minutes of begging to the heavens above for acceptance into Thug Heaven. So, as you finish reading this I ask you to go back and listen. Understand the plan he had for his people and what he wanted for us. Understand what he represented and let’s start putting pressure on ourselves and our so called leaders to speak up for what’s right.






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