Dear America

This is my letter to you America. Thank you for the wonderful things you have done. Thank you for your acceptance of people from all races, religions and sexuality. But we didn’t know this acceptance came with rules and regulations. Roadblocks as tall as mountains in which seem impossible to scale. Judgement and mistreatment that’s been historically overlooked, unjust punishment coupled with a lack of education and resources.

See the truth is America is the land of the free, home of the brave . The melting pot of the world that we live in today. Its just that some people are going to have to face far more obstacles than others. Things like oppression which has been flowing through the bloodstream of America like the worst sickness you can imagine.

Its really easy to say that everything is OK when you’re not directly affected by the problems or situations. Trees don’t rot from the the leaves, it rots from the inside slowly eating away at the tree until one day it falls over without ever needing a push.

This is the damaging systemic infrastructure that has unfortunately built America. A system in which we not only prey on the weak but find ways to keep those weak ones down.

You see this is the same way things are in the jungle, I’m sure you’ve watched animal planet a time or two. See there is a clear distinction of every animal’s place in the jungle. The only difference is that every living thing in the jungle was given a fair playing field. For instance, the lion hunts the gazelle in order to eat. He’s clearly more powerful and the clear king of the jungle. But the gazelle has an advantage also! See, the lion has to sneak up on the gazelle because he doesn’t have the speed or endurance to keep up with him.

Now I’m not saying any race of people is the lion or gazelle. I’m simply saying that people of color were never given a fair playing field in America. Brought to this land without the basic ability to read and write, or even speak the language. Mentally, physically and spiritually stripped of who we are. Husbands and wives torn apart, children taken from parents and no sense of our history. The issues regarding people of color on America didn’t happen by mistake, it was a plan, a plan for us to be nothing more than what we are told to be. We didn’t choose the ghetto, after we were finally “free” from slavery where else was there for us to go.

Men and women roaming the country with no education or skill and forbid to eat, drink and live among society. We had no choice but to build the ghetto. Since the moment we arrived on this land we’ve been working with the scraps we’ve been given, fighting in every battle this country has had in hope of honest and true freedom for our people.

So understand that things like what Kapernick and many others are doing is far beyond a song or a flag. Understand that people like MLK, Malcolm X and Huey P Newton had to die in order for us to live the life we live today. Understand that people like Muhammad Ali had to lose damn near everything he had in order to make a statement and for the rights that his people deserved TRUE FREEDOM. Understand that there are millions of little boys and girls in the ghetto with little to no resources to receive a decent education. Barely enough clothes to put on their back, little to no food to eat. So as you finish reading this, I want you to ask yourself a question. If it were you, what would you do?


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