My Top 5: Moments from Michigan Fashion Week 2014


Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Michigan Fashion Week 2014. I say participating instead of attending because the week was filled with events that encouraged networking, learning, and showcasing personal style mixed with the latest trends. By no means am I a fashion blogger but, I will say I was beyond pleased with the fashion displayed at the events. So, here are my Top 5 moments from Michigan Fashion Week 2014!

1. The fashion showcase was diverse.

At Saturday’s show the designers displayed many different styles. There was street-wear, earrings, men’s fashion, everyday style, and many others showcased throughout the show. A few of my favorites included: Jesse Jane‘s black and white pieces, Fancee‘s all black, the entire Detroit Respect line (including the schmoney dance), Monica Williams‘ earrings, Lena Harbali’s ‘African inspired print, and Jireh de Jose‘s entire line.



So I Tried the Anthony Dickey Method…Twice

Ever since Huffington Post Style and Beauty Editor Julee Wilson posted about Anthony Dickey , the natural hair world has been buzzing with talks about this method. In a nutshell, it’s all about product! You have to saturate your hair in shampoo, conditioner (for co-washing too), and styling product. All this is done while your hair is soaking wet. No combs are used and you finger comb when you are washing your hair. Take a look at the complete video below.

After watching the video, I was inspired to try this “wash and go” method. Usually I twist out my hair, and if I did a wash and go I wouldn’t cleanse, just co-wash. I would leave some product on my hair, which creates heaviness and length. I’ve seen success story after success story about this new way to do a wash and go, so after I took out my twists I decided to try it on my 4a/4b hair…twice.

The first time I tried it didn’t go so well. I didn’t even take a picture because it looked a mess. If you can use your imagination, it looked something like this:


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Throwback Thursday: I Wish I Had a Doc McStuffins Growing Up

Happy Friday Eve!doc

First, let me say how much I LOVE that there is a little, black girl, character on
television that is a pretend doctor and has a doctor mom. Even writing that sentence brings a big smile to my face because growing up, I didn’t see cartoon characters like that. Last week, I heard about a Doc McStuffins episode that was aired on Wednesday. On this episode, she had a patient named Curly Q. Curly Q hated her naturally curly hair and Doc McStuffins taught her how important it is to love who you are and find out what style works best for you. Doc McStuffins was right on, and I wish I had a character like her to identify with growing up. The only time I ever remember a cartoon character on TV talking about curly hair was when Francine from Arthur had a “bad hair day”.

I think her hair is cute...
I think her hair is cute…

In the end, Curly Q embraced her curly hair and found out what worked for her. I feel like that’s a part of the natural hair creed: find what works for you. I don’t know how many times I have told someone to “find the product that works best for you” or “find the style that fits you”, or my favorite “you just have to play with your hair and find out what works”. We say these things because no two heads are alike, and no two people are the same. The process seems like a lot, but it can be fun, and finding what works for you is liberating. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: I Wish I Had a Doc McStuffins Growing Up”