Video: Mali Music x Jhené Aiko – Contradiction

Mali Music teamed up with Jhené Aiko and brought us Contradiction from the Chi-raq soundtrack. Although the pair sing about the ups and downs of love, the video showcases a deeper message. Mali Music tells THE FADER, “Have we become so numb to the senseless violence and other nonsense in this world that people can quickly disappear from our lives we just move on without missing a … Continue reading Video: Mali Music x Jhené Aiko – Contradiction

My Thoughts on Chiraq and the Power of the P

Last night I went to an advanced screening of Chiraq. Being honest, when I first saw the preview I was turned off. Nick Cannon as a gang member? Using sex to control violence in Chicago? Spike Lee (let’s be real, Spike has been putting out some trash)? My thoughts going into the film were purely negative, but I went because it was free and I had no … Continue reading My Thoughts on Chiraq and the Power of the P

DOPE, Summers in Inglewood, and Coming of Age

No one told us our “LA”s were backwards…

Last night I went to see DOPE, the Sundance favorite film by Ricky Famuyiwa. DOPE is about Malcolm, a 90’s loving geek that lives in Inglewood with his single mom. He is a smart kid and is working toward getting into college when he gets mixed up with a neighborhood drug dealer Dom, played by A$AP Rocky. Even with all of this going on, he was still trying to talk to Nakia, played by Zoe Kravitz. We are taken on a journey with Malcolm and his two friends that include drugs, gunshots, and dope fashion. Through this journey, he discovers that he is more than a black kid that grew up in “the bottom”. Through this journey there was a lot of laughter, but it was engulfed in the realities that many young kids growing up in the hood face. Aside from the dynamic storyline, the music was on point. There were a lot of originals by Pharrell and even a song from Watch the Duck. While watching the movie, I felt a wave of nostalgia come over me when they showed shots of the city. The story was set in Inglewood, CA, the place I called home during my pre-teen summers and holidays. Continue reading “DOPE, Summers in Inglewood, and Coming of Age”

My Favorite Afro-spired Hairstyles From the Oscars

As an afro-haired young woman, I feel personally affected when someone is judged by their hair. More and more I see women with naturally curly hair in the media and I love it. Seeing women with natural hair in mainstream media gives me comfort to continue to wear my hair natural. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I did hear about Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s hair.

Her comments gave the impression that because Zendaya chose to wear locs that she was dirty, and smoked weed. Stereotype much? For a long time people have judged afro hair and locs as being unkempt or dirty. Fortunately, Zendaya handled Guiliana, so I don’t feel the need to explain how her comments were racist. What I will do is highlight other beautiful women that rocked afro-spired hair at the Oscars and looked amazing.



How could I not highlight this young queen? She makes me want to twist my hair up right now.




Solange has always been one of my hairspirations. This loose wave look is gorgeous.


Continue reading “My Favorite Afro-spired Hairstyles From the Oscars”

My First Time Going To The Movies Alone


Before yesterday I had never been to the movies alone. Crazy, right? Somewhere between my social anxiety and me being somewhat of an extrovert, going to the movies alone never sounded appealing. It always seemed like a lonely experience, but I was growing tired of missing movies because I had no one to go with. After talking to some friends about it, I decided to get over myself and buy a ticket to see “Selma”. With yesterday being MLK Day, I convinced myself that going alone would be a statement of Dr. King’s work and I needed to do something because I didn’t have the day off. As corny and desperate as that may sound, it made enough sense for me to build up my courage.

Honestly, the act of purchasing the ticket was the most terrifying part. Movie theaters let you pre-select your seats now so my anxiety went off when I realized that most of the seats are together. I couldn’t help but wonder what couple I would force to sit up front because I took one of the last good seats. Nonetheless, I chose a seat and hoped that no one would sit next to me. Once I made it into the theater my wish was granted and I only had to share an armrest with one stranger, not two. Very soon my anxiety crept up again along with another dilemma: how was I supposed to take off my coat and hold my snacks? It seems minor but I for a full minute I had a small panic attack and was very tempted to ask my neighbor for help. I wouldn’t allow myself to do that. I had to figure out this whole solo-movie-date thing, so I found a way to balance my snack tray on the empty seat and wiggled out of my coat.  Continue reading “My First Time Going To The Movies Alone”