Song of the Week: Caught A Ghost – You Send Me

Happy December! A few days ago, Caught A Ghost (the musical love child that is Jesse Nolan and Tessa Thompson) released “Get Your Life“, a song from the Dear White People soundtrack. It was nice seeing the cast from the movie back together and the song is really cute. I had no idea Tessa Thompson was in a band and just when I thought couldn’t love her more, I … Continue reading Song of the Week: Caught A Ghost – You Send Me

“Beyond the Lights” Made Me Miss Black Love Films

Last weekend I went to see “Beyond the Lights”, and I was surprisingly satisfied. Originally I wanted to see it because I support black films, and I loved GuGu Mbatha-Raw in Belle. Upon learning about how and why the film was made, I became more interested. “Beyond the Lights” displayed all the complexities of love while taking the audience on a journey through the lives of the main characters, Noni and Kaz. In addition to the interesting story, the soundtrack was amazing. My phone was dead (because I never have a charged phone), so I made my friend Shazam at least 5 songs throughout the movie. They  don’t make soundtracks like that anymore, and I was sold by the time the movie ended. When I got home I started to think about all the black love films I grew up watching and still love. Although I love all love stories (I’m a bit of a sap), I especially enjoy when I see characters that look like me fall in love. So, in no particular order, here is a list of my favorite black love films:

1. Love Jones


2. Poetic Justice


3. Disappearing Acts


4. Two Can Play That Game

Two_can_play_that_game_poster Continue reading ““Beyond the Lights” Made Me Miss Black Love Films”

Why Non-Blacks Should Go See “Dear White People”


From the moment I saw the concept trailer and then the previews, I was sold on “Dear White People”. When I found out about a VIP screening last week I immediately jumped at the opportunity because 1) I was afraid no theater in Michigan would show it and 2) who doesn’t like free screenings?

Without question, the title is provocative, but that’s how I knew this film would offer something thought-provoking and funny. It is meant to shock and awe, but it seems like people are too stuck on the title, and in the movie itself (ease your mind, the title may be confusing but the main character’s name is Sam White). If the name “Dear White People” makes you feel uncomfortable, go see it. No only does this film offer a plethora of laughs, it is honest and real.

Black people will go see this movie simply because a majority of the cast is black and the director is black. It is a known fact that black folk support black movies, which is why I’ve seen more Tyler Perry/Madea movies than I care to admit. But, I have always been a strong advocate that non-blacks should see movies with a black cast simply because it is a good movie. Continue reading “Why Non-Blacks Should Go See “Dear White People””

9 Reasons You Need to See “Belle”

This past weekend I went to see “Belle” and it exceeded all of my cinema 220px-Belle_posterexpectations. I think it has something for everyone in it. Check out my top 10 reasons why you need to see this movie right now! At face value, period pieces may seem boring to some, but this film is far from boring. There may be some **SPOILERS** read with caution, or not 🙂

1. It’s based on a true story and painting.

Dido and Elizabeth, sister-cousins

Dido Elizabeth Belle was the mulatto child of a naval officer and a slave. She was sent to live with her uncle, a Chief Justice who made a number of landmark rulings on slavery that were among Britain’s first steps towards abolition. She was raised with her cousin Elizabeth, and they were treated as sisters. The above picture is significant because the women are at eye level and Dido is face-forward. Dido was wealthy, raised as an aristocrat, and went to the best schools. Although there is little information about Dido personally, the film created a intriguing and graceful character.

2. It’s a love story ❤


Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story? I’m a hopeless romantic, so during the whole film (especially the scenes between Dido and John Divinier) I was wiping my eyes and swooning at the couple. During the era the film is set in, women were courted and often times matched with a person of equal status, regardless if they loved them or not. In the film, Dido and Elizabeth talk about how women are no more than property to their husbands, regardless if they are worth more. In Dido’s case, she was written off as not eligible to be married because of her skin color, and she was too high in status to marry beneath. Belle even makes a comment along the lines of “it’s silly for me to want marriage when I have already been freed twice, once from slavery and now from marriage”. Go see the film to watch her love story unfold. I promise it is all about true love and all that other good stuff.

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