Do Yourself A Favor, Watch “The Get Down”

Yesterday, Netflix debuted its newest series, “The Get Down”. Now maybe I’ve been burying myself too much into work, or I’ve been under a rock, but I had no idea “The Get Down” was premiering. Yesterday, while starting my usual Grey’s Anatomy binge (for like the 5th time, don’t judge me), I saw it on the home screen but I ignored it. Then, I started … Continue reading Do Yourself A Favor, Watch “The Get Down”

Shea Moisture, 2 Dope Queens, BGR, and Maxwell: This Week Was Lit

April has had a great start and my hope is the rest of the month will follow suit. This week served heavy doses of Black Girl Magic and long awaited music, simply put, it was lit. Here are 5 things that made this week lit: 1. Shea Moisture released a commercial. The commercial painted of picture of what many Black women deal with daily, especially … Continue reading Shea Moisture, 2 Dope Queens, BGR, and Maxwell: This Week Was Lit

Does the “Carefree Black Guy” Exist?

In the past couple of years, the “Carefree Black Girl” movement has been on the uprise. While there is debate on where the phrase originated, Tumblr, Twitter, and blogs have spread #carefreeblackgirl all over the internet. I even have it in my Instagram and Twitter profile bios. To me, a carefree black girl is a black girl that is unapologetically herself. She is aware of her oppressions, but chooses not to let it hinder her self-love. She is free, open, and multidimensional. She knows that she doesn’t have to fit into a certain mold, and that’s okay. She artistic, creative, and has a style that is for her. I appreciate the movement because it gives me a space to be myself.

Carefree black girls are everywhere. I see celebrities like Solange, Janelle Monae, and Willow Smith embrace their inner Carefree Black Girl. I read blogs, and follow pages on Facebook like Afropunk. I hear them on my new favorite podcast, “Another Round“. I comforted daily by all of the Carefree Black Girls I see on my Instagram timeline. But in my comfort, I can’t help but wonder if the Carefree Black Guy exists. I wonder if there is an acceptable space for them. Continue reading “Does the “Carefree Black Guy” Exist?”

The Most Important Episode of “A Different World” – Date Rape Epsiode

Netflix earned major cool points this month by adding “A Different World” to their list. Like many black 20-30somethings, I grew up watching reruns of “A Different World”, so to have the show available at my disposal is everything. There has been no show out like “A Different World” since it aired. The cool thing about watching the show as an adult is that I see a lot of my own issues reflected on screen. I’ve had some of the same conversations with friends, same dating experiences, and the same feeling of not wanting to disappoint my parents. Last night while binge watching, one of the most impactful episode I have ever watched came on. During the second season on the episode titled “No Means No”, “A Different World” tackled date rape, a subject that many sitcoms shy away from. While watching the episode I started to make mental notes on how I can use this epsiode during presentations. Any sexual assault educator or expert will tell you that the show hit major myths and facts surrounding date rape. The only thing that was not included was the use of alcohol and other drugs.  What the show managed to get is: Continue reading “The Most Important Episode of “A Different World” – Date Rape Epsiode”