11 People Who Rocked Bantu Knots (aka Twisted Mini Buns) Before Marc Jacobs SS15 Show

Yet again, another African hair style has been put on a white person in a fashion show, and all of a sudden it’s a new look. In Marc Jacobs SS15 show, Guido Palau styled models in “twisted mini buns” better known as Bantu knots or Zulu knots, and hair blog Mane Addicts thought it was a new style. When I first saw this picture on my friend’s timeline, I had … Continue reading 11 People Who Rocked Bantu Knots (aka Twisted Mini Buns) Before Marc Jacobs SS15 Show

So I Tried the Anthony Dickey Method…Twice

Ever since Huffington Post Style and Beauty Editor Julee Wilson posted about Anthony Dickey , the natural hair world has been buzzing with talks about this method. In a nutshell, it’s all about product! You have to saturate your hair in shampoo, conditioner (for co-washing too), and styling product. All this is done while your hair is soaking wet. No combs are used and you finger comb when you are washing your hair. Take a look at the complete video below.

After watching the video, I was inspired to try this “wash and go” method. Usually I twist out my hair, and if I did a wash and go I wouldn’t cleanse, just co-wash. I would leave some product on my hair, which creates heaviness and length. I’ve seen success story after success story about this new way to do a wash and go, so after I took out my twists I decided to try it on my 4a/4b hair…twice.

The first time I tried it didn’t go so well. I didn’t even take a picture because it looked a mess. If you can use your imagination, it looked something like this:


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